Growing up with the name Cinnamon is tough. People tease you. People don’t believe it’s your real name. People think you're a stripper. But no one should be shamed for what makes them unique.
We were asked to celebrate women named Cinnamon as a means to dethrone pumpkin spice and put cinnamon back on top for the holiday season. Instead of models, we chose a group of everyday Cinnamons: a mom, a grandma, a hairstylist, an entrepreneur, a student.
These women were never able to find a keychain, mug, or anything other than a spice bottle with their name on it. So we designed them their very own limited-edition clothing line.
Introducing the Cinnamon Season Collection. Happy Cinnamon Season.
Copywriter: Jake Knudsen
Art Director: Peter Molnar
ACD: Conor Champley
ECD: Jeff Anderson
Producers: MJ Soler & Dion Matthews
Photographer: Jay Mason
Agency: Grey NY
My role: Concept, clothing design, lookbook design, photoshoot direction, crafting the quotes

Press: Washingtonian | PR News Wire